The world The world

The Minimoys welcome us into their world of the infinitesimally small, the lush, exuberant wilderness where they have made their home. The land of the Minimoys, one of the Seven Kingdoms, is a magical country, a world of legends, very close and totally removed from our own. It's a fantastical world hidden in the grass of the garden, a universe unlike any that Arthur or any child has seen before.

What they don't like:

What they don't like
The Minimoys are afraid of water, especially when it threatens to flood their village after the Evil M. makes the water tank overflow.

Their size:

Their size
Invisible to the human eye, a particularity of the Minimoy tribe is that no one stands over two millimeters tall.

Their homes:

Their homes
They build their homes out of wood and leaves, twisted roots, hollowed-out mushrooms or dried flowers.

The Minimoys'world